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The sort of thing that can mess a child up for life! (yet another spot the error contest)

March 3, 2013
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Besides having parents old enough to be your grandparents, which I promise will be a topic for a future post. This is a more “spot the editing error” type post.

Our sweet boy loves his Eric Carle books especially the ABC book his grandmother Rosalie sent him from the Eric Carle museum in Amherst. Brown Bear is another favorite.

Eric Carle's ABC

Eric Carle's Brown Bear

So I was thrilled to find an Eric Carle Alphabet play mat for him.

floor mat

Only when I got it home and opened it up, this is what we found:

I wonder if this could turn out to be worth a lot of money someday? Like that old Beatles album cover that was misprinted and only a few copies survive?

Happy Sunday! Back to real blogging tomorrow.

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One Comment
  1. david easa permalink

    i got one with the same misprint


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