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Happy, Merry, Joyous!

December 25, 2013

My husband and I (but mostly my husband, as I watched and sipped a lovely red….) stayed up until 2am assembling the “big” present for the little guy, and it was well worth it!

The box says, “OVER 100 parts!!!” as if that a great thing. It struck fear in our hearts at 10pm as we started the assembly process.


photo 1 (2)

One hour in:

photo 2 (1)


photo 1

The big reveal:

Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

© Copyright 2013

  1. Brilliant job! I can’t wait to make a train track!! Merry Christmas to you on the other side of the world


    • grayhairedmom permalink

      To both you and Amber too, and the little one on the way! This next year is going to be amazing for you!!


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