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Pea-ghazi? Pea-gate? Peapot Dome!

January 10, 2014
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Whether or not you have a baby is your own choice and business. But, if you only need to be told something once…twice tops….definitely don’t have a toddler.

If you wouldn’t enjoy hearing someone repeat “I NO EAT MY PEAS” at about the rate of 12 times per minute from the moment your husband egregiously places said peas in front of said toddler until said toddler falls asleep some 9 hours later, murmuring under his breath “I no eat my peas, I no eat my peas,” then don’t have a toddler.

Mind you, I removed the peas and apologized, immediately and profusely, even though I tried to throw D under the bus explain that I was not aware of the plan to serve peas, nor was I involved in the preparation or execution of the pea-serving. I’ve fired my deputy-chief in charge of meals, otherwise known as Daddy. He will never serve peas in this state, or anywhere, again!

My toddler does not believe me. Not only does he believe that I knew that the peas were being served, he is certain that I ordered the peas to be served in the first place.


Because, let’s be real here, I set the tone. I’m the chief executive of toddler meals in our family because I’m the stay-at-home parent. No meal is served anywhere or at any time in this family that I haven’t expressly ordered and approved.

Even a 2-year-old can figure that out.

Next time: Naked selfies! (consider yourself warned)

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  1. nadine permalink

    ….he he! Kids can really be a pain in the tukas, I’m glad we find the humor in it 🙂


  2. nadine permalink

    I know you’re responsible for the peas……..I have the missing tape.


    • grayhairedmom permalink

      Watch the fire escape…when you see a small flag in the flowerpot, drive to the underground parking garage…look for a green ford….there will be a bag of cash under it…leave the tape there ..

      Liked by 1 person

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