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Running on empty

April 26, 2013
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Our first two weeks back in NYC, and all I can say is, “How do single parents do it?” I can’t WAIT until 6:30 p.m. when D walks in the door and takes over for me. The first week was tough because F was sick and we couldn’t go out at all. Friday night rolled around and D was working a late shift. I didn’t expect him home until 9-ish, but my tank ran dry around 7. It was then that I looked over and noticed the little guy picking something up off the floor in the vicinity of his high chair and bringing it towards his mouth.

Usually I would jump up and run over to him, guilt dripping out every one of my mommy pores. Instead, I had to following conversation in my head:

Good Mommy: “Oh my god, what is he putting in his mouth! Get up get up get up, get it away from him before he eats it!”

Bad Mommy: “Just how bad could it be? I mean, I feed him mostly organic stuff. Whatever is coming off my floor is probably better for him than anything from McDonalds…..”

Good Mommy: “What if it’s a ROACH!” (I don’t have roaches, but it is NYC and that’s been known to happen…)

Bad Mommy: “It’s not a roach. It’s probably a raisin. And it’s snack time anyway….”

Good mommy won. I got my tired self up off the couch and wrestled what was indeed a raisin out of his little fingers and got dinner for him. But there was a split second there when I almost closed my eyes.

Little Guy was fed, bathed, and asleep and I was almost comatose by the time D got home last Friday night. Saturday morning, D got up with him at dawn and after breakfast, took him to the baby gym class and then to the park. I didn’t get out of bed until 11 a.m. We had a great day and evening, and Sunday morning, I slept in again while the boys hung out. I used to wonder why stay-at-home parents looked forward to the weekends and now I know!

Next time: Speaking of running….we’ve got a runner on our hands

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  1. Tammy permalink

    Better days will come……love this sight …enjoying every word ….keep it going


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