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Happy Elephant Aunt’s Day

May 14, 2012
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Recently I’ve heard through the grapevine that a dear friend from high school, while he “loves” me, deplores my politics. So I tried and tried all weekend to come up with one nice thing (and I do mean one, because there aren’t two things) that I admire about his team. So this one’s for him.

I love elephants. I read once that when an elephant gives birth, she chooses “aunts” from her herd to help her raise her calf. These other females do everything a mother elephant would do for the baby, except to nurse it. It truly is, to paraphrase one of my heroines, the effort of a village, or in this case a herd, to raise a baby elephant.

My baby has a whole herd of aunts. They all took the time yesterday to wish me a happy first mother’s day, and I can’t thank them all enough for everything they’ve done for us this year, including encouraging us pre-IVF and reading this blog and telling me they like it!

I’ve always found that women have a way of sticking together and supporting each other in spite of what we see in the media. For example, the cover of Time magazine and its provocative “Are You Mommy Enough?” I don’t buy into what it’s trying to tell us, that women are judging each other. It’s just another attempt to stir up this fantasy “pillow fight at the pajama party” where one doesn’t exist. There is no “Mommy War,” at least that I’ve seen. Just read the comments on this blog. There is not one single nasty, judgmental, or discouraging comment. (I do get to moderate anything posted, but the only comments I’ve deleted have been spam.)

Maybe it’s just that I’ve surrounded myself with smart, accomplished, funny, kind, supportive friends and so has D, both male and female.

I’m not quite finished with my thoughts today, but the baby is crying and dinner isn’t going to cook itself, so I’ll just say “Mission Accomplished” and leave it for another day…wink wink….love ya, too, Ric!

Next time: Age may be just a number, but it’s a really big number

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One Comment
  1. Becky Stone Derwin permalink

    Really I think everyone is entitled to what they believe about government. A mix of the two would suit me fine, but that isn’t for everyone. The trick here is to be tolerant of each other. One can not preach tolerance and then not be tolerant. I don’t like Jack Asses but that does not mean I do not like democrats, in fact I love a great deal of them, and I am not saying that I am not a democrat. I believe in many of the same things, I just believe some things that are different. That does not mean, that we can not have family dinners, go out for drinks with elephants. It means that I am tolerant and they are tolerant of me. I just remember you as such a strong girl but so sweet that this seems very hard for me to understand. However, I admire anyone who takes a stand on what they believe.


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